All Clowned Out! How to make Bucks will continue shortly

The competition at Le Clown has come to an end!  Life returns to it’s standard abnormality.  Dilly blonde that I am, I missed the last couple of challenges (he put them out over the weekend, what did he expect) which meant that I dropped a couple (OK, many places).  I did, however, thanks to my absolutely fabulous readers, get at least a mention.  Not bad, considering the guy doesn’t have a clue who I am.

This picture will make sense as you read further.  Had to give you something to look at in the mean time.  I’m not saying you lack attention – just that you like pictures, so I’ll give you one.

Next time round, I’ll join the contest at the beginning and stay till the end!

What I did learn, was that I have the best readers in the universe.  Thanks to everyone for helping out and going half-blind in the process.  I will shortly be creating a blogroll on this site, in your honour.

What a pair of cutie-pie’s.  See – more pics to break the reading load.

Now, for my South African readers, I have just received this plea via email.  I know precious little other than what the email stated, which was that these two dogs were found by a poor couple living in Pretoria, who rescue homeless dogs.

They are desperately seeking new adoptive parents.  So, if anyone knows of a potentially good home for them, please leave me a message.

I could go posting a complete strangers contact details here but thought that, maybe, the jail time wouldn’t be worth it.  I’ll take the chickens route out and say that I’ll send the contact details to the authors of reasonable comments.

Doesn’t a face this cute deserve a loving home?

 Go on – give a dog a bone home!





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44 responses to “All Clowned Out! How to make Bucks will continue shortly

  1. I am a poor excuse for a devoted follower…I never did anything to help you on that blog roll thingy…mostly cuz Mom didn’t understand and she has had lame excuses like company and moving…what a joke! Anyways, I so wish I could help with those puppy dogs. Paw pats, Savannah

    • Work keeps getting in the way of blogging. I find it utterly annoying. Once I work out how to stop it, I’ll share the knowledge 🙂 In truth, I didn’t even understand what was going on in that site – it was utter mayhem but fun coming in, in the middle, and trying to catch everyone up – nearly worked as well. Social life over the weekend defeated me. Good luck with moving – that’s always a nightmare.
      PS – you can still get a place in my Mini Blogroll competition by doing a mini-blog liking back to me – Tee Hee (I figure bribery works with cats and dogs so why not try it out on people).

  2. Shame you couldn’t keep up the pace on the blogroll competition with Le Clown but really, good to hear you have a life! Hope the little fellas find homes soon – they do look gorgeous 😉

    • Had a really good chuckle at your “have a life” comment. That’s really what it boiled down to – a good weekend socialising and a loss as payment. Had good fun though and thanks so much for trying to help. It did make a difference (I hear that Le Clown at least debated between Doggy and myself – that’s got to count for something!).

      The dogs do look cute, don’t they. I really don’t know anything else about them but thought a blog couldn’t harm.

  3. Well I’m on tranqulizers….I tried to help you and Doggy..Now I need a is weird how these things become xx00xx

    • I know you did Mollie – you were a great help. If you’re on tranquilizers, can you imagine what I’m on now? I only got mildly obsessed though, cause I decided a social life was imperative for the weekend. Doggy will be chuffed though, cause he Won and you, of course, beat Doggy in my mini comp 🙂

    • You know what I’m doing now that I have little time?
      I go to the find option of the browser and type Doggy, so I see if people is talking about me, and bang, I found it, talking about me behind my back!!!!
      This time it’s ok tho, you are not scandalizing my name. Mollie’s votes helped a great deal.
      Next time I’ll ask people to vote my picture at the National Geographic website so it can be published on the October edition, that’s one my dreams and I won’t rest till I get it.

  4. Ohhhh the Clown… and the noses…what a thrill!!! I couldn’t stop laughing about the comments….
    I hope this cute little dogs will find a forever home soon….cross my paws!!! I have problems with the blogroll too, there are only 50 places for blogs to publish…but I want all..or nothing :o)))

    • Doggy’s still in trouble for getting me all mixed up in that clowny mess. Not that he did, really, I just jumped in on it when I went to help him out, so I guess it’s my fault as well – but don’t tell Doggy that!

      Ok – see, now you’ve taught me something. Only 50 places on a blogroll – that just doesn’t seem fair.

      PS – you can still enter my little Mini Blogroll Competition by creating a mini post linking to me – then you can get your place on my soon to exist blogroll (if I can figure out how to do it, that is) 🙂

      • I think 50 places are not enough… or I failed while reading the wordpress help:o)….. where should I publish the mini-post? on the clowns page our on my own?

      • I agree – 50 is just not enough. Mini post to be published on your site – then you get your place on the blogroll on my site (basically, I chose to maliciously steal Le Clown’s idea and do a mini version of it) 🙂

  5. The little ones are adorable! And the contest was great fun…he promises another go next year, so lots of time to train. Hope the pups find great homes soon! xoxoM

  6. oooh, that face melts my heart.. cute!

  7. They’re SO precious. I hope they find good homes SOON!

  8. We do like pictures! 🙂 I hope the dogs find a loving home soon.

  9. Sorry we were not sure what we were supposed to do about the blog roll thingy but we had already put you on our Blogger Buddy page sometime ago. Have a great day.
    Best wishes Molly

    • No worries – we were all completely confuddled with the whole thing. Was fun anyway. My mini blogroll contest was simply a bribery attempt to get people voting for me. Fear not – you’ll be on mine. It was all something of a joke anyway 🙂

  10. What totally adorable pups! I sure hope someone is able to give them a forever home – they look like they will be perfect company for someone who needs a couple of precious puppy “children” !!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. I missed your contest entry plea because I was so busy with weekend stuff! 😦 Sorry to hear you didn’t win – but the mention is definitely cool! 🙂

    • I quite understand – I missed half the challenges because I mistakenly thought I could have a social life over the weekend :). As it turns out, Doggy gave me his place on the blogroll anyway. What an amazing guy. It actually feels even better than winning.

  12. Oh I do hope these little guys find homes!

    What was the fuss about the clown? I didn’t get that.

    • This site A Clown on Fire, had a competition running to get onto this blogroll. Who would have thought that would turn into the mayhem it did. The guy was getting thousands of hits and comments a day. It was hilarious and fun – though somewhat time consuming.

  13. Hope they found homes. They are cute!

  14. Very kind of you to post cute pics for us piccie lovers to feast our eyes upon whilst reading this literary delight!
    Good luck with the homing effort! They look very sweet 🙂

  15. I am behind as usual so I missed the whole thing 😦

    I do hope the little dogs get a home very soon.

    • Well lookie here – I’m so behind I’m only getting to reply to this comment now, so don’t feel bad at all. You did miss the most mayhem I have seen on a site yet – was all rather confuddlesome but really good fun 🙂

  16. Me too and let us know if the two pups find a home!

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