How to make LOTS OF BUCKS – The X-RATED Version


WARNING NUMBER 3563: As per my previous post, where this video was supposed to reveal itself, I take no responsibility for the utterly useless attempt made by an archaic cellular phone, to capture this incredible event.


WARNING NUMBER 3564: This video is X-Rated.  Starbuck, the buffoon / overly-proud Dad, was making baby’s first attempts at wobbly-legged standing, just slightly more arduous than necessary.  Being as new to this game as he was, there may be just the tiniest bit of swearing.  Once again, I denounce all liability.


NOTE (ONLY 1): Starbuck relented and allowed Mum to help baby get on its’ feet, as the photographs in the previous post prove.  I hope your eyes were good enough to be able to see anything.  Unfortunately, it’s all we’ve got from that encounter.




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49 responses to “How to make LOTS OF BUCKS – The X-RATED Version

  1. It says that the video it’s private.

  2. It says “This video is private” and lots of snow/static…must REALLY be XXXXX rated! xoM

  3. Hahahah!!! I love it. Starbuck’s the spaz of the springbok world! He’s like an enormous version of one of my kitties, I swear. I love the commentary.

  4. Don’t delete the video off youtube like I did, it will go off your blog..I did the private thing..That was lovely and well done..Did I hear the words correct..” Come here you little s***t…LOL

  5. Ah, now there’s x-rated and x-rated, this was low on the scale! Lovely first steps – poor little fellow not helped by the proud father.

  6. Love ALL baby-deer photos, irregardless!

  7. Awesome – nature at it’s finest. And Starbuck at his cheekiest!

  8. I was laughing out loud at Starbuck, at the same time I was “oooh-ing and ahhh-ing” over mama and baby. What a great capture!

    • Hi there, so sorry it’s taken this long to reply – just found this comment “pending” – I don’t know why wordpress does this to me?!?! Anyway, better late than never (I hope 🙂 ). Mom and baby definitely get the awww factor going but Starbuck, well, what can I say, he’s just a big clowning buffoon – always!

  9. You should have full named him – the he would have known he was in trouble!!!

  10. Reminds me of some humans I know

  11. Enjoyed your video! Can you explain why the dad was doing that to the baby?

    • Other than the fact that he’s a complete Buffoon and thought, like all new dads, that he was the best thing on the planet – who knows. He was very young to be a dad, so maybe we need to look at it like a teenage parent, with no clue. Mostly, I think he was just over-excited. They usually, like the mom, try to nudge them to get up – Starbuck just got it the wrong way around

  12. murphydogs

    What a great video! It looks like dad was jumping for joy.

  13. The video is fine and such a pleasure to see Starbuck jumping around, maybe he wanted to play with his baby 😀

    • Thanks but it was a bit of an eye strain – just thought I had to share a new life like that with everyone, as well as Starbuck’s antics. Typical man, grunting and jumping around like he’d done all the hard work getting the baby into this world! 🙂

  14. I thought the video was good you captured all the important moments and Dad reactions to the new little one. It good the baby was finally able to get up on his feet. Loved it 🙂

  15. mollieandalfie

    Get ya Buck over…got somink for youz 🙂 xx00xx

  16. Were Starbuck’s actions a sign of an over-achieving dad? An impatient dad? Or a proud dad? Your awesome video resulted in curiosity about male Springbok behavior!

    • Sorry for the late reply – for some reason wordpress, ever so often, goes and puts comments into “waiting for moderation?” Still don’t know why. Anyway, to answer your question, I can’t! I think I’ll have to do some research. Basically, Starbuck is one big buffoon and behaved like that all the time, so rather difficult to tell. He seemed genuinely chuffed but had no clue that a baby that small simply could not be “played” with. He was a very young Dad. Teenage pregnancies – what can I say!

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