Information Interlude – Making LOTS of BUCKS

We will take a short interval in our process of making Lots of Bucks, in order to provide what I feel to be pertinent information.

This photo has no purpose other than to give you something to look at.
OK – it’s actually so you can compare the Black, versus standard, Springbok.

As a fairly well established Non-Photographer, I take no responsibility for the shocking quality of the images below.  It is, however, the best I managed of a Springbok doing its’ Pronk (in Afrikaans this means to Boast or Show Off).  This is an extreme leap upwards, as high as 4m (13 ft) into the air, with an arched back, legs stiff and pointed downwards.  On landing, they immediately Pronk again (kind of looks like an Antelope on a trampoline – if you can get your imagination going that far.  In large herds, as one starts to Pronk, so do others, until you have the equivalent of a Springbok Mexican Wave.

                        THE SPRINGBOK PRONK – Photo, shocking.  Ability, incredible! (and this one’s still a baby!)

As we now all know, the locals thought me somewhat barmy.  Maybe they were right, considering that it eluded my mini-mind to bestow upon you the following:

Firstly, this all happened quite a few years ago.  Under no circumstances should anyone attempting to make either Big or Lots of Bucks, expect the process to be as quick as the previous blogs may have suggested.  As Misty Shores Chesapeakesone of my wonderful readers put it, we are seeing this all in something of a “time warp”. 

Secondly, it might be fairly useful if you knew what, in the universe, these animals actually are.  Well, I did say they were Springbok but, being a slight genetic variant, they are black, which is extremely unusual.  It might be easier if you saw one in its’ standard, everyday wear, with normal colouring.

SPRINGBOK – courtesy of Thomas Schoch off Wikimedia Commons site. (lets hope I don’t get sued for anything here – it wouldn’t really be worth it though, as I have nothing left for them to take).

The name Springbok comes from Dutch and Afrikaans with Spring = Jump and Bok = Antelope.

Thirdly, I figured it might be to my advantage, to give you a little insight into Caracal, before a group of quizzical-faced readers confront me.

CARACAL KITTEN – needed a baby picture somewhere for the Awww Factor.  Picture courtesy of Kristian Thy, off Wikimedia Commens (same addendum as previous photo re: sueing.  Basically, please don’t!  Thank you)

So, this adorable little thing becomes my Baby Thaba’s demise – hard to like it because of that but equally hard not to fall in love with it at the same time.

Courtesy of : {{Information |Description= Caracal or desert lynx (”Caracal caracal”). |Source=[ Caracal] |Date=August 15, 2006 at 11:19 |Author=[ € Van 3000] from belgium b

Notice the tufts of hair on the ears that I, rather cleverly for me, remembered to tell you about in my previous post.  I must be getting better at giving descriptions – this is good.  I am pleased.

This photo was taken in January 2007 by Nick and Melissa Baker in the Serengeti. Thanks go to Alex, our guide, and Green Footprint Adventures. See

Now you can see the incredible strength of the Caracal.  Somehow, it becomes easier to understand how a cat managed to catch an antelope.  The males can weigh as much as 19kg (42lb).


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65 responses to “Information Interlude – Making LOTS of BUCKS

  1. Wow, that sure is some kittie 🙂 beautiful though…Your photo’s were great..that one jumping..fantastic 🙂
    Have a great day
    Mollie xxx

    • Glad you thought the pronking photo was good. I think it was terrible but they do it at such speed that I simply couldn’t keep up. Caracal are a stunning cat. Quite breathtaking. Hope your day is equally fantastic 🙂

  2. Thank you for my daily big bucks fix

  3. All beautiful creatures…doing what comes naturally. xoxoM

  4. great photos, and the Pronk one is very good, amazing that you managed to get the image at all 🙂

  5. The Caracal kitten is gorgeous. Must admit to being confused by the Springbok colouring – all resolved now 😉 Have seen footage of the Pronking and it is hysterical 😀

    • It’s just amazing and they do it as a kind of game play, so I’d have them all pronking around together – quite a site. Their speed is what made getting a photo so difficult – plus, of course, the fact that I didn’t want to stop simply watching them to get the camera out. Glad I sorted out some of the confusion for everyone (takes little-minded me a bit of time to realise I’ve created havoc 🙂

  6. What a lovely post and super pics.
    Do hope you are not sued!!!
    Is that how one spells sued?
    It looks so wrong!

    • Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. Hmmm, is it the correct spelling…hold on, popping over to Word to check…………….(please wait, your call will be answered as soon as…………), great, I was right, that is the way to spell it – Word tells me so 🙂 🙂

  7. Wow, these are great shots (yours included!!) They are such beautiful animals! And absolutely works for the awww-factor!

  8. Hey LItchi, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    OMD… do we feel goofy… thanks for letting us know about the time warp thingie. We appreciate your photo… as Mom has your same skill set and appreciates your efforts! Thank you for breaking down the name for us, we love learning. Mom thinks she may have seen a caracal in a zoo in the southwest many moons ago.

    • Hey Jetty, don’t worry, you were not the only confused one, which is why I had to put a post up to set everything straight. Little-minded me happily posted away with no real explanation, like the entire universe was supposed be clued into my thought-waves 🙂 I’m sure your Mom would have seen a Caracal in the zoo – they are a spectacularly beautiful cat!

  9. Marco

    Wow thanks! The “rooikat” baby is super cute – cuddle-some! A while back I was out trail running in Namibia when my path crossed with a herd of pronking springbuck. I get goose flesh just thinking of that experience – amazing sight and experience.

  10. I like their furry ears, and what a great pronking photo!!

    • Those ears are such an incredible trade-mark – just a spectacular cat! Thanks for thinking the Pronking photo was great, although it really was rather blurred – they move at such a speed when doing it – incredible fun to watch.

  11. That cat would eat doggy in the blink of an eye, but I would take him home anyway, it’s too cute lol

  12. Fabulous post LOL at the Springbok Mexican Wave – excellent description!

  13. The Caracal is quite an amazing cat. Love the ear tufts, but I sure wouldn’t want to tangle with one!

  14. Your photos are stunning. Things I would only ever see here!

  15. Springbok is always one of my favorite animals to see at the zoo. They have a big savannah type area at the KC Zoo and I love to watch them bounce, bounce, bounce around!

  16. Pronking eh? I will stuff that in the back of my mind with all kinds of other snippets and pull it out at some point in the future, effectively impressing whomever it is that I choose to use it upon.

  17. I had heard of a Pronk but I never realized that they could jump that high. Amazing! Thank you for the pictures of the Caracal – they are very beautiful but like all cats, very deadly.

    • Well, I’m officially impressed that you had heard of Pronking and yes, they are remarkable with the heights they can reach (it is spectacular to watch). In all fairness to the Caracal versus my buck, I cannot say that my domestic cats are any kinder to the birds in our garden so, yes, beautiful, loved but deadly – goes with the territory.

  18. Those springboks are really funny looking dogs. As for the furry eared cat, well I wouldn’t fancy his chances in our fields, I’d beat him like a drum!

    • You go gorgeous! Play the tough guy! I’ll agree with you (so long as they stay here and you don’t have to go and prove your manhood). 🙂

      Springbok are a crazy looking dog – my dog Litchi would vouch for that. She spent hours trying to play with them but never quite got the hang of their antics.

  19. Don`t know what photo to pick for a commenet here…, they`re all magnificent! The CARACAL KITTEN face is just amazing… 🙂

  20. I loved the idea of the pronking. Upon trying it I find I may not be quite as athletic as the lovely Springbok. (My chiropractor says I’m “definitely not”.) But I was thrilled with the ear tufts on the Caracal. I share that wonderful caracteristic, although mine are a bit more sparse. And I could never rival the beauty of a Caracal. Thank you for the fantastic pictures!

    • 🙂 🙂 Oh dear, the thought of you trying the Pronk. I’ll have to agree with your chiropractor on this one. By the way, of course you are as beautiful as a Caracal – just in your own unique way. All of God’s creatures are stunning (well, I’m not particularly drawn to those with more than 4 legs but, otherwise).

  21. veraersilia

    Stunning cat. I want one for a friend.

  22. That cat looks kind of scary. We have bobcats up by our cabin which look a bit similar. However, we rarely see them. I have seen tracks now and again.

  23. Great photo’s (including yours! :)) I enjoyed your commentary as I viewed, and I learned some things I hadn’t known, always a good thing, Thank you! An excellent post.

  24. Flo

    Fabulous! Would it be wrong if me to mention that I like 15 Springboks in particular… :D, you know, the tall, fit ones with the green jerseys?

  25. Gotta love the cat. All twelve of ours ( and dogs too) would have a fit if one of these Caracals showed up on our door step. Love the jumping shot of the Springbok.

    • Would love to see your (sounds like a zoo’s) reaction to a Caracal appearance! Wish I had been more photographically proficient so that I could have taken a clearer shot of the pronking but, I fear, I was hopeless. At least it gives an idea though.

  26. The picture looks fine to me. The jumps are very impressive!

  27. I’ve seen films of the antelopes pronking and it’s breathtaking. You’re photos look fine to me. Regards, Another photo challenged blogger.

  28. Oh my word I recognize them in their usual coat 🙂 Yours are much prettier because they are more unique. I can not believe they can leap that high, truly amazing.

    Thank you for the shout out!!

    • Only a pleasure, giving you the shout out, it was so perfectly worded. I adore the colouring of the normal Springbok but it’s always fascinating to have something unique and completely out of the ordinary. You’d think those spindly legs would break with the jumping heights they achieve.

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