How to make BIG BUCKS out of SMALL BUCKS – Part 4

You’ve done it!  You now have Big Bucks!

Starbuck – stretching to reach the leaves from an Acacia Tree

Isn’t it good to be able to tell everyone you have Big Bucks?  Mostly, they are very impressed.  Some, of course, are jealous.  Few, understand that you can have Big Bucks and be broke.  Making Big Bucks will, in all likelihood, make anyone both fit and broke.

My name is Naledi, which means Star in Setsotho – my horns are daintier, because I’m a beautiful girl

Starbucks bum-butting routine became a frequent game.  With rather spectacular horns growing longer by the day, he proved quite formidable at this sport.  Now, most will know that South Africa’s Ruby team is called The Springboks.  You may even know that our soccer team is called Bafana Bafana.  Most Springbok are brown and cream / white in colour but my unique little menagerie were black.  With Starbucks’ growing desire to play games, we tried giving him a soccer ball.  He loved it!  He would head butt it.  He would put his head down and roll the ball up onto his curved horns and then flick it a huge distance, chasing it down thereafter for some more fun.  He slowly took on two names, one being Starbuck and the other, Bafana – a Black Springbok.

I’m a soccer playing Black Springbok

Sometimes, one has to wonder about the human race.  Due to their increasing horn superiority, we kept the Springbok in a large enclosure.  This was designed to protect the guests from the buck and, more importantly (sorry guests), the buck safe from predators.

We put a sign on the gate, clearly informing guests not to enter.  Some, however, thought they knew better and one early morning, one such guest had been spotted, inside the enclosure, receiving some hefty rear-end rammingReally?  Did you think we put up that sign because we were jealous that you would spend time with our babies?  On going outside, he had disentangled himself from Starbuck and bolted out the gate.  There was no point in saying anything.  He was gingerly walking around, rubbing his rump and looking like a guilty, despondent child.

Would you want to mess with those horns?



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44 responses to “How to make BIG BUCKS out of SMALL BUCKS – Part 4

  1. Look how they’ve grown… Such beautiful animals!

  2. What beauties!! I can not believe how much they have grown 🙂

    • They are beautiful. Of course, this blog has sped up the process somewhat. No ways they get that big in a couple of days but it really is only a couple of weeks before you see huge changes. The African wild necessitates that they grow up really quickly.

  3. I’m not going in that fence no matter how gorgous they are!

  4. Gorgeous animals! It’s been such fun watching them grow!

  5. Love all your photos and your blog. 🙂

  6. Just gorgeous – look at those horns! That dimwitted man totally got what he deserved….

  7. Hehe – the title of the post got me and you’re quite right, don’t mess the horns – unless you took an overdose of stupid pills 🙂

  8. LOL! would have enjoyed seeing that head/bum butting 🙂

  9. They are just gorgeous, I love this wonderful eyes.

  10. Hurray for Starbucks teaching that guy how to read!

  11. That’ll teach em to mess with a buck!! LOL I wish you’d had video of that. 🙂

  12. Are you going to post any videos of the football? Bet you’d get some hits on YouTube!

  13. Those are some mighty dangerous horns. We used to have goats here and their horns were not as sharp as those look. I bet they can do some damage. We certainly applaud your effort to get animals adopted. It is so important. Nice to meet you.

  14. That was lovely, seeing the photies from babies to ” big bucks “. When we first read the title, ages ago..we thought, great, a get rich quick scheme.. well we are rich being able to see those beautiful creatures grow.. Ahh 🙂
    Big Hugs Mollie x

  15. They are beautiful, and have amusing expressions.

  16. That was awesome! Can I ask: what initially sparked your interest in acquiring the Springboks?

    • As per always, with the rescues, their life didn’t begin well. The game farm on which they were born, allowed hunting and the hunters were indiscriminate in terms of which animals they shot. They had shot and killed the mother(s) of these babies, who were found thereafter, desperately needing someone to hand raise and bottle feed them. As always, how could I say “no”.

  17. If only I could see them playing sucker.. 😀

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