Is it a CAT? Is it a Dog? No – It’s Sarah-Bell!!

On Saturday I was lucky enough to visit Sarah-Bell, my previous 1-week old bottle feeder.  Sarah-Bell is now 7 months old and doing fabulously.  Which is more than I can say for her parents furniture, or nerves.

Prior to our visit, I was sent a photo by her mom, simply titled

“what happened to this one?  We want it back!”

Those eyes are a killer

For those who did not see her previous posts, it’s probably worth while taking a peak.  You’ll then know why she is on ProbationIt’s never as easy as it looks! and Medication Mania

Her probation is going reasonably well, certainly with respect to medication.  However, the couch stuffing would seriously disagree.  The ever regal, leather lounge suite appears to have lodged a restraining order.  The now multiple holes, with delightfully soft stuffing protruding, are proving irresistible to this convicted criminal.  We await the judges’ decision.

This is probably the most difficult time for all furry parents (not the parents, silly, they’re not furry, the dog is!).  That terrifying age where they are nearly full grown but have not yet mastered their brain.

She appears to have decided she’s a cat.  She doesn’t look like a cat but that doesn’t appear to bother her in the slightest.  This new found behaviour trait involves insisting on sitting on the laps and licking the faces of anyone who would rather she didn’t.  Sounds like a cat to me!

They had a friend over who is decidedly a “cat person”.  She got “that look”.  You know the one I mean.  That look that people who have not yet had children get when watching a 2 year old being, well, a 2 year old – pushing their parents’ every button, throwing hissy-fit temper tantrums and generally performing like a monkey on steroids.  That look that means “can you really not control that thing?”.

Sarah-Bell seemed to find this look delightful – an enticing encouragement.  She seems to have developed a purpose in life, that being to convince “cat people” that dogs are fantastic.  The process by which she has decided to achieve her goal is to climb (or, rather, leap) onto their laps, fling her now dangerous tail around wildly, stick a ridiculous grin on her face and smother them with slobbery kisses all over their faces.

She’s one bright little button on a serious quest.  It’s not that she doesn’t stop when told to but her dedication to her cause is remarkable and will inevitably be resumed the second her parents’ backs are turned.

You’ve got to give her a High Five for perseverance.

For all her convictions, though, this truly is another Happy Ending.  How spoiled can any two dogs be?  They had guests over but the dogs got the chair!

Sarah-Bell sleeping on top of her elder sister – the cleverly named Bitsa (’cause she’s a bit of this and a bit of that). PS – she’s also a rescue – so it’s really 2 happy endings.




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59 responses to “Is it a CAT? Is it a Dog? No – It’s Sarah-Bell!!

  1. Wow amazing story about Sarah Bell

    • It really is. Because of my recent visit to see her and her previous indiscretions, I have ended up telling the end part of the story first. In a future blog, I’ll have to give you the beginning. Somehow, this blog thing never goes quite in the order I’d planned 🙂

  2. Adorable! Both of them! My experience is that dogs are the face lickers and lap sitters. My kitty…not so much! By the way, my furry family are rescues, too! 🙂

    • Yippee – I’m glad to hear your furry kids are rescues – that’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve with this blog. Good for you!!! I would agree that the face licking isn’t a cat thing but the wanting to be with whomever doesn’t want them, certainly is.

  3. So wonderful!!! What little lovelies! ♥♥

  4. Oh, darling girl. What lovely people to take on such a live wire! A new set of furniture might be wise, in a couple of years 😀

  5. OMG how adorable! Gotta love adolescent Labradors!!

    • Adorable indeed. Convict, definitely. Labrador, I had thought so but, as she gets older, she seems to have quite a lot of Border Collie in her?? We’ll just have to wait and see (whatever she is, it’s a bit of a mix). That being said, the jaws are like a Lab puppy – heaven help them!

  6. Oh she’s precious – in the “baby photo” and in the “lying on top of my big sister” photo. I’m glad they both have a happy home with loving humans in their lives!


    • It’s the best outcome I could hope for. We actually miss her terribly here and hubby had really wanted to keep her but, when you can find the perfect home, you have to keep your space for the needier ones. At least I get to see her quite often.

  7. I’m so glad there are two happy endings here! That FACE – OMG I could never say no to such a face!! That’s her biggest weapon! LOL Bitsa is such a clever name. Great post!

  8. Those eyes!!! What a beautiful dog. My dog is a lap sitter, too, so I know the drill. I sit, and before a few seconds pass …. my dog is in my lap. However, she is a tiny thing, so she can get away with it. Sarah-Bell would be a lap-full! 🙂

  9. Gorgeous photos!!! In the baby picture, she looks like a raven-haired version of our own rescue, Bailey (aka Captain Destruction). He’s been able to turn around a few non-pet people, most especially his Grammy, my mom. She’s even offered to house-sit and Bailey sit when we go away next weekend. That’s a HUGE move…we’re crossing fingers (and toes) that all goes well!

    • Now that’s what I like to hear. Well done Bailey on turning the “non-pet” people around. I’ll be holding thumbs and the rest will hold their paws that all goes well with Grammy Bailey sitting. Let’s hope the bond is even stronger after that.
      PS – my “non-cat person” Dad will be baby-sitting my cats next week for a few days (the last time he did this, he became the only person my scaredy cat accepts, other than us). He’s now hooked.

  10. I love those pics, especially the last one. Sarah-Bell and Wonderbutt would have been put together on, I think – with their similar affinity for couches.

  11. Perhaps she will win “cat people” round with her winning ways and those gorgeous eyes 😉 Shall we say she is just full of character? :0
    I love the last photo of Sarah-Bell lying on top of her big sister Bitsa – it’s priceless!

    • Full of character she is, indeed. It’s hard to stay cross with her because she is such a sweet thing. I really wanted that photo of her and Bitsa, just to show what a fantastic home she has managed to find. The people adore her and Bitsa adores her – who could ask for better?

  12. Puppies can be a trial, but you kind of forget when you see the cuteness, like in the last picture.

    • She manages to do something naughty and, within seconds, get that adorable look and do something so cute that it’s impossible to stay mad. It is a difficult age though, especially when they are as clever as she is.

  13. awwww…furrever homes are the furry best…I know

  14. I have a cat who thinks he’s a dog and you know a dog that thinks she’s a cat. LOL And that last picture is precious! My unsolicited advice is to give her inexpensive toys that she can pull the stuffing out of. Encourage her to do this with her toys and discourage regarding the couch.

    I’ll shut up now. 🙂

  15. Advice always appreciated. Giggled at the “I’ll shut up now” but worry not, it all helps. They have, however, given her a stupendous amount of toys but, being a bit of a jack in the box, she kind of pounces between all of them and then the couch gets it.
    Maybe your cat and this dog should get together – would be interesting to see what happens then?!?!

  16. Sarah-Bell is so cute and we wish her new owners much fun and patience. Happy Friday to all.
    Best wishes Molly

  17. Twooo’s happy endin’s. that’s great 🙂 I use to try and have a chew, and leap’s up on Humom’s 🙂 My Mum got a puffer collar, it just pufffs out air when I’s naughty. I’ms not naughty now, I don’ts jump up, or eat’s the furniture 🙂 Mum got if off Amazon 🙂
    Big Huggies, wiff nose jumpin up. Mollie xx

  18. Precisely – she’ll win over those “cat only” people. She certainly has the perseverance for it!

  19. SaraBell is irresistibly adorable! Such a great adoption success story!

  20. Okay the first photo had me but that last one is so precious, how could anyone not love that 🙂

  21. I love the picture! My cat Barnaby is not a face licker but he does like to suck the tall person’s fingers – weird 🙂

    • it’s not so much the face licking as the fact that she insists on going to the people who are not “dog people”. I love the fact that your cat like’s sucking people’s fingers – that must be too cute to watch.

  22. We’re so happy for Sarah. We love the last photo! Too cute for words!
    Bella and DiDi

  23. Sarah Bell looks so sweet on both pictures!

  24. What is it about puppies and those soulful eyes? You can forgive a lot because you know they’ll grow up sometime!

  25. Amazing story!!! and those eyes are sooooooo cute. I though only turtles can stare that cute 😉

    • Thanks – so glad you popped over. Well, now you know, puppies can stare just as well as a turtle. Don’t worry about the name of the site – I’m here to advocate for all animals, turtles included (the name would have become stupendously long if I’d tried to name all the animals – can you imagine trying to type in the URL?)

  26. Awwww! I fell in love on 1st sighting! She is the most adorable gorgeous little pup I’ve seen in a long time 🙂 Completely melts the wolfie heart! 🙂

  27. I’m totally lost in this puppy eyes; she is so adorable 🙂

  28. These are some of the cutest doggy pics I’ve ever seen!
    So…even dogs go through the terrible twos? If that’s the case, my hubby and I have a lot to look forward to! 😉

  29. Beautiful, precious dogs ♥.

  30. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I don’t agree those eyes are a killer – a grinner, sinner, winner maybe, but nah, not a killer.

    Oh gorgeous. I love checking in at your joint. Your pictures are always clear & your stories on the lives of animals in your life CHOICE. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. That is such an incredibly kind thing to say. This little cutie pie has grown up into one of the most beautiful dogs you can imagine and is in such an awesome forever home. I’m really glad I was able to place her with a friend, where I get to watch her grow and blossom

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