Back to the Middle

Jumping back to the middle (I’m not making you go back to the beginning – that would be absurd) Sabre, my “baby boy” arrived at Cat-A-Holics rescue shelter, with 2 other kittens, all only 4 weeks old.  To the rescue Bat Man (oops, Cat Woman)!   So to the rescue I went, selflessly abandoning all else.

I named her Ashley – she’s was the colour of ash

The deal was to take them in for 4 weeks, bottle feed them, ensure they were strong, healthy and well socialised before returning them for adoption.


Take a look and tell me you wouldn’t end up keeping at least one!

Am I cute or what?

At this point, I have my adopted adult cat, Jangles and things are going far from well with her and my dog, Litchi.  I told myself, firmly, that I had quite enough animals and would definitely be able to return all the kittens.  So I plowed on into the milk mixing, bottle feeding, sterilizing bottles, mix milk again, feed again, sterilize again routine.  I’m sure, at this point, you feel extremely sorry for me.  It is a nasty job, having to play with baby kittens – who can handle it?

My “Baby Boy”

Then I began the socialisation, making sure they were held by all ages, sexes and nationalities.  More terrible work – I had to have friends round and introduce them to cute kitties.  Poor friends – they hated it, especially the kids!

In amongst this, dog socialisation was necessary (only to ensure that, if they were to go to homes with dogs, they would be alright – not because I was keeping any of them).  Out of their room they came.  Litchi approached with her usual response to cats, which was to pounce and bark simultaneously.  Two kittens immediately tried impersonating a witches cat, with arched backs, hair standing on end, hissing and side stepping backwards (awfully cute to watch in a 4 week old).  Sabre, on the other hand, look quizzical and strutted straight up to her with a “let’s play” attitude.  Litchi was shocked.  She froze.  Then she obviously thought she may as well introduce herself properly and there we had it, my dog now loved a cat and “forever brave” Sabre had found his new best friend.  I assume you’re guessing how “taking them all back” went?

Who would have thunk it – my dog is friends with a cat!

The Happy Tails ending happened for all of them.  Sabre, naturally, had found his forever home in my heart and house.  On the day I returned the other two, a woman came in specifically to adopt the one (the little, beautiful grey kitten).  She brought her young son – bad mistake.  Once they realized that, by taking one, the other would be left alone, they became determined to take both.  Dad had, apparently, told them “only one!” (he had evidently been very firm about this).  So Mom devised a plan.  She assumed she would not be able to convince Dad and explained to Son that he must phone, saying “it’s imperative that we take both”.  Son did as he was told.  He phoned Dad and said “it is IMPERVIOUS”!  I don’t think Dad could say “No” through his laughter and the kittens had a brilliant forever home, having spent only 1 hour at the shelter.

Now that’s what I call a Happy Ending.


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56 responses to “Back to the Middle

  1. these photos are just precious!! The last one really hit close to home.
    When we brought Dakota home to Cody, I had searched on the internet about how to introduce a dog to a resident cat.
    I found an article that said to have EVERYONE wear the same perfume!! Imagine that! I put perfume on me, Dad, Cody and Dakota.
    When we brought Dakota home, Cody circled his crate once, hissed only once (he has NEVER hissed at dakota again) and from that day on they have been the BEST of friends!

  2. Too sweet! I think Litchi was taken in by those EARS! I certainly was.

  3. Sabre has an expression that says, “This dog belongs to me now.” They are absolutely too cute!

  4. What a super story – and happy endings are ALWAYS grand. Sabre and Litchie make a grand couple of snuggle buddies….So sweet.

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. Chancy and Mumsy

    What adorable little kittens. Loved reading about them. Some doggies do love kittens our boxer let all the cats that wanted to sleep on and around him. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Loving this post and the Kitties are sooooo cute who can ever resist! ^.^ I’m glad that they found their forever home! Nothing like a happy happy ending! Yayyyyy!!! And i think what you’re doing is really meaningful and touching. 🙂 Thank you! We need more people like you in this world! 😀 *Hugs and kisses*! ❤

    • Thanks Popcorn. It is amazing how many people there are who are willing to help. Sadly, it is equally amazing how many animals end up in need because of people who don’t care. We will just continue the awareness program and hope it changes some minds along the way.

  7. Love love love stories with happy endings!

  8. So wonderful…. It’s always GREAT to hear a happy story every now and then. 🙂 Those faces! Thanks so much for helping them — taking such a huge part in finding their forever homes. ♥

  9. What a wonderful happy story. I introduced my dog to a cat once, but she wouldn’t look at the cat. She kept spinning her head, ignoring her. It was hysterical. She sure communicated how she felt about that cat! Enjoy your new kitten. Soo cute! 🙂

    • I hadn’t had any high hopes that Litchi would react any better than your dog. It was purely Sabre’s character that did it. That’s why I just had to keep him – he is fearless. He’s now the family “social butterfly”, insisting on loves from anyone who walks through the door.

  10. Furst I wanna say thank you thank you thank you furs my awardie! And you gaves my mum a BIIIIG head bouts her fotography…hehehe.
    You so funny, you is a sucker when it comes to rescues. Of course most peoples is and it is WONDERFULS!!!!!!! I loves a good foster failure.
    And dat boy…OMD, see his dad is a sucker too.


    • It was such a pleasure passing the award on to you – you really deserve it! I must admit that I am a sucker. I’ll do just about anything to find our furry friends good homes and, even with feeding through the night, who could complain about fostering such cute little creatures.

  11. Swop that kittie wiff Alfie, he luv’s Dawgs and is no trouble, welll, just Meeeow’s all the time. When yooo’s postin it tooo me???? He can share my bed and I’ll even share me nibbles wiff him. First class please!! 🙂
    Big Hugs Mollie x

  12. The Red Man thinks you are a good person and is always glad for a Happy Ending for his furry friends – even kittens!!

  13. I think it would be wonderful if any animal’s time in shelter were that short. Great happy ending!

  14. Awww – so cute and such a wonderful happy ending!

  15. I’m a sucker for happy endings too 🙂
    Beloved’s beloved suggested she help out in an animal shelter when they first arrived in OZ. She looked at him amazed and asked, ‘How many animals do you want?”
    Great job and lovely pictures.

  16. yeah….well…not foster kittens in this house…nope, no, not, never…isn’t gonna happen…then I would have a a crazy cat Man and Lady!!

  17. Great post! I just love a happy ending 🙂 and I love your new addition!

  18. That last picture is precious. What a wonderful story.

  19. Who could resist that level of cuteness?

  20. I love this whole post! Yay for Forever Homes impervious to negligent and cruel owners!

  21. Believe it or not, I have seen my foster dog Charlie Machete, who looks quite a bit like a panther, imitate a witch’s cat. He doesn’t hiss, but sometimes he stretches by standing up on his tiptoes and arching his back.

    • That must be hysterical to watch. Trying to picture it. How is Charlie Machete doing? I think he is just gorgeous. I know you have other groups now helping to find him a home but he looks right at home with you.

  22. Susan, I loved this story and the cute pictures, so adorable.
    I have a simular photo of my dog and cat, they were inseperable, but they’re both in heaven now, together again 🙂

  23. Loved reading your post! Of course, the pictures are so fantastic. I’m glad that after all your hard work, you had a wonderful ending/beginning for the new family. Very funny about how the kitties got quickly adopted. I wish that all the dogs and cats at shelters would have a happy ending story!! xo

  24. Oh that’s absolutly wonderful! For all of those kittens!

  25. HOW WONDERFUL!! If I were in the dad’s shoes, I would have said “yes” just because my son said the word “impervious”! 😉

  26. What a wonderful story! We’re glad everyone found forever homes in the end!

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