What’s Meant To Be, Will Be!

If there’s one thing that life has taught me, it is that when things are meant to be, they will happen. 

If there’s one thing that animal rescue has taught me, it is to remember the above.

If there’s one thing that the blogging world has taught me, it is that people like being scared witless by creepy creatures?!?  Thanks for all the “Likes” on my previous creepy blog but maybe we need to look at a “What the Hell?” button.

Monday Mischief – The food’s MINE! Mine, mine, mine! Pic of pup at the Shelter

My previous Chocy update had a number of Chaos scenarios.  This update has but one.  This statement was, of course, true when I wrote it on Friday.  The additions to the chaos will explain why it was never posted.

Friday’s post would have read:

Shelter Owner Arrives – nothing news worthy there.

Chaos 1 – Shelter Owner immediately notices the gate between the back garden and driveway is open.  The decision is set in stone.  Chocy will not be homed here.

My poor, dear Chocy.  She was not yet there, so there had been no need to close the gate.  The Jack Russell has been well trained and never attempts to run out.  The Shelter owner, however, saw this as a red-flag.

I understand that the Shelter owner takes every animal in her care extremely personally and treats them as one of her own.  I also understand why she is reluctant to let Chocy go.  I take my hat off to her for the bond she has with her animals.  However, I also feel the son’s deep disappointment.  He failed his Interrogation Test!  But fear not, son, for we shall find you your perfect dog, who awaits your perfect home.

The post was about to go out when……………………………………:

Shelter Owner contacts Son again.  She has changed her mind.  Son may collect Chocy on Saturday.  Brilliant!!

Saturday comes and goes.  No sign of Son.  Shelter Owner panics, phones son (no answer).

Sunday: Son phones Shelter Owner.  He had a party to attend to so couldn’t collect dog and left phone at home.  Can he collect dog on Monday?  Shelter Owner has a frothy.(well, no, not really but it reads better that way).

Monday: Shelter Owner phones me.  Mind changed back – no adoption for Chocy. 

Final Statement: Back to original Friday post.  A different dog awaits this home and a different home awaits Chocy.

Note to anyone thinking animal adoption is easy – refer to above!

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36 responses to “What’s Meant To Be, Will Be!

  1. Claudine

    Gee whiz, this is so sad!!

  2. That made me eye’s water 😦
    Big Licks Mollie

    • It really is meant to make your eyes water. The shelter that Chocy is at is a very good one and she is being looked after extremely well. It’s just a matter of finding the right home for her. I’d rather she waited for the perfect place and goes to a new home and ends up being returned because it is not working out. Fear not, we’ll find the right place, at the right time.

  3. So, a good nickname for the Shelter Owner could be Yoyo?

  4. Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Oh my, what a saga. I vote for your title… we had a failed adoption in November, foster Mom said ok, we went forward thinking our new golden girl would be spayed and arrive at our home the following week, when… had confirmed payment and then… we got a call saying, oops, foster Mom cannot part with her. Devasted my daughter, she’s still fuming… then, a few weeks later, we got the call for JJ.

  5. squirrel circus

    My mother “hosted” our home visit (at our home, with our kids) while we attended a wedding. Thankfully, she left her crazy hat at home for the day, and the rest is history. Hopefully Chocy and “son”-person find their perfect matches soon!

  6. So sad for Chosy. I’ll hold my paws for her.

  7. Poor Chocy…..we’re hoping Chocy SOON gets an actual home from someone who isn’t as interested in attending as party as giving a forever home to Chocy! It’s good that Shelter Owners work so hard to make a good match for ALL concerned though.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)

    • Don’t feel too bad for Chocy. She really is being looked after extremely well. I’d far rather the Shelter Owners were this particular than let animals go to the wrong homes. Nothing worse than an animal bouncing around, being returned because they are not right for the place. Chocy will find her perfect match, it’l just take a little bit longer.

      • Oh definitely – as I said, it’s great the shelter owners are “particular” and want to make sure it’s a good match…so many shelter animals have already had it tough getting as far as the shelter so we all want them to move from there to a happy forever home – but the RIGHT home! 🙂


      • Too true. I think sometimes people think it is easy but that last blog should give an idea of a “normal” day

  8. Chancy and Mumsy

    Wow! All that mind changing would not set well with me. So sad for Chocy. Hope she gets a forever loving home very soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Well, no-one ever said this life change choice of mine was going to be easy. Don’t worry, though, Chocy will find her perfect home and she is being loved and looked after well at the shelter.

  10. Hi. Thank you for visiting my Blog @ Sheba’s life story.

    I’m sure Chocy will soon find her forever home.

  11. Oh dear, sounds like it has been a bit hectic! Paws and claws crossed Chocy’s forever home comes along soon. 🙂

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  12. All is well and for the best! 🙂 Chocy’s perfect person will appear and Son will be ready later for another needy dog.

  13. europasicewolf

    Sounds like real roller coaster of a ride for all concerned! Hope all works out for the best long term 🙂

  14. awww I hope things start to look up for Chocy and your right – rescueing and everything that goes with it isnt easy. what is meant to be will happen. sometimes we have no control.

  15. It is indeed reassuring that the shelter manager is so cautious about where the animals are adopted, but I can certainly understand your frustration. And I LOVE that little pup laying claim to the food in his dish so adamantly! Like a little human toddler, it would seem!

    • Puppies and dogs are so much like 2 year olds. Same rules needed and same need to learn the sharing ability. I would far rather shelters are over cautious regarding adoptions than have animals bouncing between homes – it is so detrimental to their mental stability.

  16. I can see where the shelter owner is coming from…who would want to adopt Chocy to someone who considered a party more of a priority than our beautiful four-legged friend? I would have made the same desision if I were in her shoes!

  17. I’m glad the shelter manager is so careful when selecting a home for her Chocy. I probably would have made the same decision if I were trying to place one of my own dogs.

    • Indeed, it is very important to be careful. This is why I specifically work with the Pro-Life shelters, where there is time to find the right home, time to work on any issues from their past, etc. You have a great site, by the way. I am just trying to figure out how to follow it. Being a little bit techno slow here but will get there. I’m a huge fan of the Guide Dogs and all the wonderful people that help them get to being such phenomenal helpers.

  18. The guy is, in all fairness, a real animal lover. The universe just seems to be saying that this particular dog is not meant for him. Chocy will find her perfect place (that being if the Shelter owner ever finds anyone she believes is perfect, for she has fallen in love with Chocy and is battling with the idea of letting her go).

  19. I think your phrase “when things are meant to be, they will happen” is so true.

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