Johannesburg’s Terror!

The other day, Raising Daisy at wrote an article in which Stink Bugs were featured as a toy/irritant/nightmare for Daisy.  It got me thinking.  Well, of course it did, bearing in mind that each incident in my life is now inadvertently converted into blog format.  Anyway, it had me remembering a scenario a couple of years back.

My neighbour’s place had been broken into.  No-one was home, so I called the police who, somewhat remarkably, came rushing around.  As they approached my residence, I heard a truly blood-curdling SCREAM emanating from her house.  Now I know there are “baddies” out there and my adrenalin starts to pump.  I rush instantly to my neighbour, ready to rescue the damsel in distress from lurking danger.  I have no idea what I planned to do (maybe slap them about with a powder puff or something).  The police, weapons drawn and all action / tough-guy demeanor, rush the place from behind me.  We are all ready, guns and powder-puffs blazing, to take on the criminals.  It turns out that my neighbour had returned home, just minutes after my call to the police, completely unaware of the break-in which had occurred on the other side of her premises.  On stepping into her entrance hall, she had been confronted with the greatest terror Johannesburg has to offer.  Fly the crime, fly the news reports any international reader may have seen.  She had stumbled straight into the path of a PARKTOWN PRAWN.  She could care less about the pending doom of criminals.  All she could think of was getting the police to rid her home of the creature.  The police were flabbergasted.

These are the most frightfully fearsome looking creatures, that have a nasty habit of jumping stupendous heights and lengths to land their horribly spike covered legs into your flesh.  Just creepy!

I found a rather amusing write-up on these spine chilling creatures at The picture is courtesy of this webpage.

Joburg resident in terror after intruder invades her home

I know, I know, this appears to have nothing to do with pets.  However, never fear, there is a link up.  It follows into my latest money making scheme.  I have decided to rent out my fear-deficient husband and mad Baby Boy Sabre cat.  Sabre seems to think that Parktown Prawns are the best toy nature ever invented.  Being the perfect hunter that he is, he catches them and then, to amuse himself and terrify his mother, he brings them inside where they pounce and perform around the place whilst he gets to play hunter over and over again.  I react like any other level-headed, responsible mother by screaming for hubby, whilst performing death defying acts of gymnastic proportions to avoid the onslaught of the enemy.  My fearless husband (bless him) is the first person I have ever encountered that does not mind these creatures.  So, with Sabre’s instinctive ability to catch them and hubbies fearless removal thereof, I find my garden no longer a resting place for evil creatures with more than four legs (anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog will know that, although I love animals, my loves limit is reached at 4 legs and anything beyond that has me turn instantly into a real girl).

So, here’s to my latest “get rich quick scheme”.  All I have to do now is convince my husband to be a “man for hire”.


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31 responses to “Johannesburg’s Terror!

  1. Ahh! Good luck with the renting out of the husband thing. That creature in the photo sure looks like a grasshopper to me BUT I’m not a big fan of ANY bug that’s for sure. Sammy seems to enjoy torturing them outside though – poking them with a paw, gently squishing them, sometimes even picking them up in his mouth then immediately spitting them back out (ICK!). There is another bug that’s fairly prevalent in spring (my sister in W. Virginia had quite a time with them this year) that we call a stink bug. And when bothered or squished will let off an incredibly stinky stink! Bugs. I don’t like them much…..almost as much as I don’t like snakes!

    Pam and Sammy

  2. Agree on the snake bit. 2 legs, up to 4, is what I like – anything less or more is worrisome. We get stink bugs as well but they are nowhere near as bad as a Parktown Prawn. I wish they were like a grasshopper. These things are just horrible – if I could spit them back somewhere (like Sammy) then I most certainly would.

  3. Chancy and Mumsy

    Mumsy is happy she has not seen any of those awful lookin’ things around here. I would chase down and take care of them for sure. Hope it all works out on the hubby rental. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. We would all be happy if we didn’t need to see them! Hubby is looking mortified at the moment. Not sure my “quick money” scheme is going down nearly so well with him – odd really?!

  5. That is disgusting, yuk ! Good job you have a ” fearless ” living with yooo’s. Even that ” Furball ” they call a cat! wouldn’t go near that thing. I’m gonna go out and sniff around, check there’s none on my patch! Hope they don’t live in the UK! I’m’s gonna sleep with Humom tonight ! Thanks for Popping by today, it’s always nice to meet new Furriends.
    Big huggies Mollie x

    • Don’t worry Molly, no Parktown Prawns in the UK but you can still sleep with your Humom – just for the pleasure of it. Loved your site. Just need to figure out how to do a “follow” on it from a WordPress site. Bit new at all of this and getting confuddled.

  6. I agree with you on the four-leg rule. Once the leg count goes over four, the creep factor sky-rockets.
    Thank you for visiting and enjoying my blog-
    From reading todays’ blog, I think we should get along famously!

  7. Good luck with convincing your husband! 🙂 Berner Girls

  8. Hello, and thank you for the laugh! My Mum thinks your blog is pretty cool as well… 🙂

  9. Good rule. Anything with more than four legs – get out. 🙂 That could be a lucrative side bizz for your hubby around here, I live in Arach-Landia!!

    • Wow – you meet such interesting people, from such interesting places here on the blogoshpere. I have never been there but have no doubt you could come up with some really creepy creatures I’ve never even heard of. At least I know I can move there to start my hubby/cat rental business if it doesn’t work here.

  10. Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.
    EWWWWWWW! Looks like a cross between a praying mantis and the grandpa palmetto bugs we get here in the tropics… Hey, if you’re scheme works, we offer our home for franchising opportunities! BOL!

    • I wish it were as small/nice/pleasant as a praying mantis. As far as the grandpa palmetto bug is concerned, I’ve never heard of it. I will have to go research now to find out if it is, indeed, as horrible as a parktown prawn. Love the franchising thought – good one!

      • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

        Before I forget, Mom and I passed on an award to you yesterday. 🙂

        Now back to the grandpa palmettos… palmetto is a more pleasant word for roaches on steroids! We call the biggest ones, grandpas… also, these suckers can FLY! EWWWWWWW

      • Good golly Jet, you’d think this system would know you by now. For some incredible reason, for the first time ever, it put your comment into spam???? Oh well, luckily I had seen the award anyway (thank you, thank you, thank you).

      • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

        Yup, that happens to our system sometimes, too. welcome, welcome, welcome. We’re so excited to know you all. 🙂

      • See- it’s just happened with this comment. Very weird. At least I now know to keep checking my spam. I’m so happy to have met up with you Jetty – you’re a real favourite of mine (but don’t tell anyone, they may get jealous).

  11. I have given you the ‘Pick of the LItter’ award for your lovely blogging:

    • That is just the sweetest, nicest thing I can imagine. I cannot believe how welcoming you guys have been. I feel truly honoured and will make sure it’s a part of today’s blog (whatever it ends up being). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  12. Yuckers!! Those parktown prawns look evil! I’m so happy you have your hubby, though! One of the reasons I married Jeremy is for his keen ability to hunt down and kill nasty insects! 😉

    • I kind of figure that’s what they are there for. I’m sure there a millions of husbands around the world that will vouch for the fact that, as soon as they are married, they are turned into instant murderers, with yells of “KILL IT” emanating through the house.

  13. Susan, those things are disgusting. Although I know my Little Binky likes to play.. and finally eat grasshoppers, I never hope to find any of that bugs around.

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  15. I am a tough girl but keep those ugly things away from me 😉

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