Chocy the Ridgeless Ridgeback

Everyone has been so supportive regarding my attempts to find Chocy the Ridgeless Ridgeback a home and I feel guilty at not having given an update yet.  However, that WORK thing got in the way yet again.

Am I a soppy lover-girl or what?

The day was hilarious and should go some way towards understanding my heartfelt need to play middle-man between Shelter Owners and People (yes, I have listed them as separate beings).  Please don’t get me wrong, I mean absolutely no disrespect.  I adore the marvelous people who give up their entire existence to help the animals and, yes, you are right, not all Shelter Owners are the same but, nonetheless, some need the help.  Let’s face it, if the norm is to work a standard job with a secure salary each month, then we are not, here, talking about normal people.

The day started with a call from the shelter, whilst we were already driving there, saying they will absolutely not adopt out a dog to a commune.  I do understand this and the need to provide an animal with a stable and responsible home but I had explained to them that this was not a typical commune.  The chap that wants the dog, owns the house, understands that the dog would be his responsibility, has a stable job and is an animal lover.  The other guys in the house are his long term buddies and they are a close-knit bunch.  Rhodesian Ridgeback’s are not easy to adopt as they require a lot of exercise.  This guy specifically wants to run with the dog.  Fabulous!

So, after much persuasion, I take the chap’s Mom through to meet the dog.  She loves Chocy.  What a delightful, sweet, soppy natured animal.  On our return, she phones her son, who is so excited he immediately leaves work to go and see her.  We, for our part, jump back into the car to fetch his other dog, so that we can make sure the two will gel.  We scream back (ok, not safe with a dog – we slowly make our way back) to the shelter, with a borrowed collar and lead that are too big (had no idea where son keeps these).

Chaos one – in our hurry, we give son the wrong street number and he inadvertently visits complete strangers (and waits for us there!!!).

Chaos two – son finds us, dog sees son, dog gets very excited and immediately slips through collar and makes a break for it, running circles in the road.

Chaos three – shelter owner brings out very large Ridgeless Ridgeback to meet very, very small and timid Jack Russell.  Jack Russell immediately has a frothy fit and figures attack is the best form of defense.  The Shelter owner had been concerned about Chocy with other dogs but she gave all the right signals, being interested and friendly but turning her head away from the aggression – what a star!

Chaos four – shelter owner questions (or should I say, interrogates) son, who gets so flustered he says practically all the wrong things.  Dog good for guarding (never to be said to a shelter owner).  Previous dog run over by car (definitely never say that to shelter owner – and it wasn’t even his dog!).  As son had to return to work and was wearing a wool jersey, he also began picking off Jack Russell hairs like he had some form of cleaning disorder (I think the interrogation nerves were getting to him).

Shelter owner eventually agrees to do a home visit tomorrow.  We pile ourselves back in the car to return the Jack Russell and get back to WORK (see, there it is again, that 4-letter word).

Chaos five – Jack Russell, after such a hectic outing, promptly vomits all over the car floor.  I left.

So to round off, we still have no idea.  If it is meant to be, then the home visit will go better.  If not, then another dog is obviously awaiting this particular home.

I would have sent this blog earlier but I have been wrapped up in chilli – but that’s another story, for another day.


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7 responses to “Chocy the Ridgeless Ridgeback

  1. A comedy of errors – we find that often with animal lovers and ‘authorities’ – not much is scripted!! 😀

  2. I’d say. That’s why, occasionally, a people’s person needs to intervene. Poor chap said he was made to feel like a criminal, rather than the animal lover he is. Not to worry though, he’s taking it all very well

  3. I definitely think that placing dogs is a magical science. Kudos to you for doing SO much to try to facilitate what might be a perfect match AND for being willing to keep trying, if it doesn’t work out this time. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, BTW!

    • It’s a pleasure doing it. I might make fun of it but that is just to keep life interesting. In reality, I take the right match and welfare of the animal very seriously indeed. But you’d either go mad or cry all the time in this field, if you couldn’t find something to laugh about.

      looking forward to following your tales

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I absolutely love what work you do. I think you’re a blessing on this earth.

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