The Stats are in – Insanity Rules!

Chocy – the Ridgeless Ridgeback

Well then, for Monday Mischief (this is a Monday Mischief Blog Hop, after all) the stats are in and the unanimous results show that Insanity Rules!  I am pleased to announce that I am in extremely good company in this mad-house.  Not one single vote for my addiction being abnormal.  We had a 100% hit rate on “Normal” and I find myself now truly entrenched in the bloggersphere.  I am delighted.  The animals are delighted (well, they would be, if they were awake but cat-naps and doggy dreams seem to have taken over here) and we will continue foraging for fuel to super-charge the addiction.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for us.  I have, hopefully, found a good “forever” home for Chocy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback that has been at the Woodrock Animal Rescue Shelter for over 4 months now.  Chocy is actually a Rhodesian Non-Ridge though as, somehow, she managed to misplace her RIDGE!.  No-one seems to be able to find it!  Guess that’s “Mischief” enough for Monday.  How many other dogs can say they lost their Ridge?

Chocy was a stray, rescued from an informal settlement and certainly had a hard start to life.  We are holding thumbs and paws that the potential adoptees fall head over heels for her tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to provide updates in my next blog.

Happy Blog Hopping to all.  Monday Madness Rules!!!

This is a Monday Mischief Blog Hop

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21 responses to “The Stats are in – Insanity Rules!

  1. Clearly, the inmates have taken over! 🙂

  2. That is super news – fingers crossed it works out. We knew Ridgebacks in Africa as guard dogs but since we’ve travelled with so many recently and got to know them, we’re real converts! Good luck Chocy 😀

  3. How wonderful for Chocy! What a beautiful dog….ridge or ridgeless! 😉

  4. We will keep all our fingers & paws here at the ranch crossed for Chocy!

  5. We are so happy for the non-ridge Rhodesian Ridgeback!
    Bella and DiDi

  6. I sure hope everything works out for Chocy! What a pretty lady!

  7. Isn’t she just the pretty lady. Such a sweet and loving nature to go with it (non of that “I’m so pretty I don’t have time for you” attitude)

  8. Good luck Chocy. Hope you find a good home.

  9. I’m happy for Chocy – I hope it works out well!

  10. Thanks Clowie, your support is appreciated. Update now posted

  11. My friend has a very sweet ridgeless Ridgeback – a great dog. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s different from his sister who lives across the street. Fingers crossed that Chocy will find a good home. Looking forward to the end of the story and hoping for a happy outcome.

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