Jittery Jangles – Supermodel? I think so!

What do you think?


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14 responses to “Jittery Jangles – Supermodel? I think so!

  1. Claudine

    She sooooo gorgeous!!!

  2. YUP!!! Gorgeous girl 😀 Can’t spread yourself too thin now, can you.

  3. She’s beautiful! Thank heavens for photos or nobody would believe we have them! 😀 😀

    Pam (with the elusive Sam on my lap)

  4. Well, they like the models thin, don’t they? I’ll let her know you think she’s gorgeous. It’ll help with her self-esteem

  5. Thanks Pam. I need Jangles to sit on my lap here – we are freezing with a mid-winter cold front

  6. Love the kitties too, have a gray tabby manx bob and a black bob manx they are sisteters. Enjoyed your blog today.

  7. Hey Jangles, Jet here.

    You do look lovely, in fact that pose would make a wonderful silouette like in the olden days!

  8. Ok, we could go for olden days movie star, instead of supermodel. I like that. Fits more with her character. She’s such a true “lady”

  9. I think she’s very lovely.

  10. Oh, yes…Jangles has a very exquisite profile! 😉

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