Medication Mania

Finally, an update from Sarah-Bell’s Mom! After having successfully accomplished her master mind theft of thyroid medication, supposedly safely stored in a closed cupboard, she was arrested by her mother and immediately delivered to doggy jail, in the form of the veterinary clinic, where she was charged with “destruction of property” and “willful bodily harm to self”.

Her sentence was set at one night in jail, with needle torture (for the purposes of a drip) and life-time probation.

Although we are delighted that she has now done her time and has been released, we are fearful that she is likely to revert to her life of crime. This is NOT her first offense. She has a previous sentence of “malicious razor-blade eating”, along with numerous, less life-threatening “destruction of property” charges.  Her latest mug shot, sent courtesy of her Mom, shows her nonchalantly beginning to eat a clothes hanger.

Is Probation really enough?

What do you think her chances are and do you believe that Probation is a sufficient sentence?


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5 responses to “Medication Mania

  1. Ha ha ha – what a reprobate – some criminals never learn 😀 Great news she’s out of jail and fingers crossed her crime sheet takes on lesser charges in future.

    • With a bit of councelling for her Mom and possibly a trip to Rehab for Sarah-Bell, we are hoping she can become a useful member of society again. Clothes hangers appear to be disagreeing at the moment and have started an action group against unfair leniency

  2. Well it’s good to know Sarah-Bell didn’t have any ultra-icky reactions to consuming her Mom’s medication but this pup is headed for a life of crime…she’s on the highway to “you know where” !!! The one thing she’s got going for her is that being the color she is, she will look lovely in prison stripes…….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Too true. Hadn’t thought about that. She’ll fit in well with the Zebra’s here in South Africa. Maybe she could look into going undercover to fight Zebra crime! You know what they say “it takes a criminal to catch a criminal”.

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