Litchi’s Story Continued

My mother has always called me “special”.  I’m sure you’ll all know the cutie pie voice only a mother can muster, as she says, full of pride “hello, my special child”.  I know she means this in the nicest possible way but, in my life’s quest to drive her insane (I firmly believe this to be the mission handed to each child born to this world) I have chosen to take this as her belief that I am the one member of her off-spring who most requires “special needs” attention.  The “insanity quest”, I must say, is going spectacularly well and I have a great sense of accomplishment in this regard.

Deviating slightly from my current musings, my scaredy cat, for reasons known only to her, decided to venture downstairs, in the full knowledge of Litchi’s presence there.  The dog went mad, the cat is now stuck up a tree and my desire to tell cute and adorable stories about Litchi have temporarily waned.  Both my other cats have learnt to simply ignore the dogs’ antics and she, in turn, has decided that she rather loves them (even if that involves being stalked from behind furniture and mercilessly pounced on the back for a quick doggie ride by my tabby).  Jangles, the thoroughly beautiful calico/tortoise shell scaredy cat has, however, never been able to grasp this concept and remains, forever it would seem, terrified of Litchi.  For her part, Litchi has always been terrified of cats.  I have watch, numerous times, my dog being chased down my parents’ garden by Max, the neighbours’ cat.  The blur of a black, somewhat tough looking, Staffie cross, running at full tilt with a cat in hot pursuit, remains one of my more sole destroying, embarrassing memories.  I swear, if the dog knew how to climb a tree, she would have been sitting up there, quivering in terror and the site of a cat.  How mortifying.  There goes all concepts of a tough, out-of-Africa, Jock of the Bushveld, type dog!  I have tried, unsuccessfully, to explain to Jangles, that one quick swipe across the nose would have the dog running for cover at each sighting of her.  But, alas, I fear I have failed and so continues the life-long bonding between cat and tree.

Alright then, after my slight digression whilst my place turned into a combination between a zoo and a train station, the cat is back down from the tree, the dog has calmed down to a more likely version of man’s best friend and I can explain why I started this blog with stories of driving my mother mad.  I was simply giving some background as to why, in my previous post, I referred to Litchi as my “special” child.  I use this terminology, most frequently in front of my long suffering Mum, to cement the concept in her mind.  The truth, however, is that Litchi really does have some special needs and, like any parent with a child who’s start to life was not as easy as others, I feel overwhelming pride for each small achievement that she makes.  And now, to avoid the temptation to make this blog too long to read, I’ll leave the Litchi updates for the next blog.  Stay tuned for more!

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